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tsuritama print that i will be selling at SMASH! :0

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theboyofcheese replied to your post: crowwhodraws said:Why are you cal…

Also because you hate wildlings

HAHA honestly id probably just be shit scared of em 

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sorry for inactivity recently omfg

i havent drawn somethin proper for like a month ahhh i need to get back into the swing of things ive forgotten how to draw jeez

(jaynalu is jays)

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Why are you called Crow?

because crows are pretty cool i guess 

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Cutting it close to the deadline here, I know ;o; I’m sorry about that!

I was so freaking excited when I found out I got this birdie dude, Vincent ;u; words cannot describe how much I love wings and anything avian-related. I thought it would be fun to render him in my psychedelic graffiti style, as seen here and here.

I hope you like it crowske!

DANG this is super rad!!!! i am really diggin this stlye?? its really unique :o weh i really love it a lot!! i’m glad you enjoyed drawing him ehhe ;u;


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im so sorry for the lateness aaaa ;A; 

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Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop, 14


i should get around to watching this lmfao

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I'm sorry if it's insensitive but are you a girl or boy?

my gender is bird

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dumps this shit here. more twit things. ive been sick all week and most of this is old haha..a.h..a..

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Do you have commission prices?

yes i do!! they can be found here

unfortunately my commissions are closed atm ;m;

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for dogwithabowtie :0

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i can't link in ask. but for the colour palette 6. open your submit so i can submit perhaps?

i opened my submit!! 

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draw naruto with 2

i havent watched naruto since i was like 12 

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Shoooooot, what a great idea. I already do limited palette practice, but these are some nice presets to start with. 

Don’t expect me to pump these out like sonyshock though. He’s some kind of magician. I’m slow as hell.

I’ll do this! Within reason. If I can be arsed…

If I get any good ones I’ll put aside 10 minutes to doodle one. 

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You're thing from 2 years ago is getting notes because it's being recommended on peoples dashes.

wow really what the heck tumblr if ur gonna recommend my idiot blog at least show art that isnt shit jeez