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commission for dragoneill@fa

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oh my gosh omg omg i bought your satsuki print at nova (and my friend got the matching ryuko) and your free! one and they're both lovely and you just coincidentally popped up on my dash but i'm really happy cause now i can follow you ahhh i definitely hope to see you again at bris???


i’m super glad you like them cries u////u

also i definitely plan on making it to brisnova!!! revvs

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i love your painterly yet flat aesthetic. great pieces!

ah thank you!!

(love your art by the way!)

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ANOTHER commission for asche!!!

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commission for asche!!

i went wild w this one whoops

thank u for being so patient UR DA BESSS

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Bought two kill la kill prints if yours on Sunday at goldnova. Best $15 spent on the day

AWH THANK YOU…. im glad you like em uvu

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thank you for all who visted me at supanova!

gosh i had such a fun time!! it was so nice meeting so many people and i am just gushing about the amount of people who bought my art and i am just UGH people are too nice to me im gonna cry big gay baby tears

again, thank you all. ive appreciated every moment these past 2 days!!!! honks loudly!!!!!

a mention n thank you 2 my table buddy and roommate jenny for being a kawaii lil shit

for those who missed out, wipe ur tears away as this lil crow is gonna be opening their own online store very very soon (like in the next couple of days probably) so look out for an announcement!!

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i love your art its amazing woa

sweats no youre amazing ;;

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hello!! I saw you this morning at goldnova!! ;v; (i said i followed you on tumblr and was rlly awk LMAO ) but wowow I love the prints I got from you they're on my wall and look so amazing ; v ;;; thank you so much /v\

omg yes i remember!! (dw i am a true embodiment of awk) 

i am super super glad you like your prints WEH ;;

i still find it bizarre that my art is on multiple people’s walls…..IT MAKES ME SO DOKI……

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ur really cute okay


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Hi! I was looking forward to meeting you at goldnova today, but I must've caught you while you were on a break because you weren't there :(. I did buy two of your prints and they look fabulous. Thank you so much for selling your stuff!

AWH NO… I’M SO SORRY!!! it gets kinda boring sitting at a table all day so me and my table buddy went and had a look around

if you’re going on the sunday you can come find me again!! if you come early i will definitely be there

but ahhh i am super glad you like your prints uvu thank you for being an awesome person!

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come find my stall at A55!!! i will be selling art prints and some bookmarks.

see you guys there :3c

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do you have like an online print shop?? because those kill la kill works are OMG

weh thank u!! ill be opening an online store soon u3u

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hi!!! i love your art and i would really like talking to you but i don't have a tumblr ;-;

hello!!! tumblr is kinda where i Chill like 90% of the time…… however i do have a deviantart and a furaffinity and a weasyl if you’re on any of those?

if you wanted smth more social i do have a skype!! i am just rarely online lmao…. i also have a twitter where i just talk about stupid shit all the time if ur into that

although tbh ur not missing much i am not that interesting to talk to

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stares off in2 the distance and whispers……stardust crusaders anime tomorrow……..